Second Winter at Havasu Springs

Jude and I have spent the winter at Havasu Springs resort nestled on the southern end of Lake Havasu.  We arrived in early December fresh from our Amazon Camperforce adventure.  We welcomed the more benign temperature here in western Arizona.  It was a balmy 19 degrees when we left Campbellsville, KY.

After enduring the snow storms with our cross county trip, we welcome the 70 degree days and bring out our shorts.  There is somethings so comforting as to wearing shorts and t-shirts on Christmas day!

We settle in but it soon becomes apparent that this will not be a normal winter in Arizona.  The first clue is the amount of rain that comes in waves throughout January and February.  Normally the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges suck all the moisture out of the storms and leave very little for the Mohave Desert.  This year the Pacific storms overpower this barren and unleash their plentiful moisture on the steppes and mountains.  It is still warm but the desert southwest is not behaving as a desert but more like the Amazon rainforest.  We look at the radar when making plans.

With the increased precipitation, we are soon rewarded with an explosion of bloom.  The desert has what is called a Super Bloom.  This has not happened since 2006. It is so spectacular to see this phenomenon.  It is just another reminder that the nomad life has such unexpected rewards at time when you least expect it.  We are grateful and look for our plant identification books.

Havasu Springs is a resort of snow birds and golfers but they are also drawn to its shores because they like to fish.  I don’t talk too much about fishing, but I love fishing!