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Book your personal guided fishing trip now for the season that will end on April 15, 2021.

Let me know your availability ASAP so I can get you out there fishing on Lake Havasu!

520-400-3216 or dmallen321@yahoo.com (or use links below)

Be assured I am taking all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. 

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Where We Fish

There are two major fishing areas on Lake Havasu: the “Site Six” area, on the island near Lake Havasu City, and the Lower Basin near the Parker Dam. Site Six is the most heavily fished area, but I fish the Lower Basin from Havasu Springs Resort. It is the deepest water on Lake Havasu being near the dam that butts up against the fertile productive delta of the Bill Williams River. Due to its distance from the city, it has much less fishing pressure. The lower basin experiences less recreational boating intrusions to the fishing day as the lower Bill Williams River is wake free for all motor boats and jet skis — plus it is an excellent fishery that has the habitat for all game fish species on Lake Havasu.

Weather permitting, come join me for a wonderful day of guided fishing on the Lower Basin from Havasu Springs Resort. Havasu Springs is located near Parker Dam – half way between Lake Havasu City and Parker, AZ. Driving directions are here. You will experience a quiet day fishing while enjoying some of the best fishing the lake has to offer. I am licensed by Arizona Game & Fish Department and a Captain in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Map to Havasu Springs, AZ

New Boat!

We will fish from a 19-foot 2020 Targa Tracker Combo with upgraded seating, electric trolling motor with a 200 HP Mercury outboard partnered with a 9.9 kicker motor. We fish four guests comfortably, five possibly (with good attitudes). This boat is a powerful fishing vessel and easily fishes all Havasu game species.

Capt. D.A.'s 2020 Targa Tracker

People take a guided fishing trip with me for three reasons:

1-They are Already Good Fishermen

Havasu is a hotspot for good fishermen. They come from all over the world. They have lots of experience. Good fishermen just need to know how to prevent mistakes when fishing new water. I will teach you successful techniques for catching Striped Bass, Redear, Large and Smallmouth Bass.

Booking a guided fishing trip with me will insure that new anglers will learn the strategies that ensure success on Lake Havasu. You will “Hit the water running!” I treat all trips as an educational opportunity and cater that opportunity to each angler’s skill level.

Ben with Monster Striper
Fisherman who duplicated HavasuNetEm’s techniques and was rewarded with 19-lb beauty

2-They are Novice Fishermen Seeking to Improve their Strategies

Not all fishermen have the experience others have. Maybe they don’t have the equipment others have. They are beginner anglers but enjoy the thrill of catching fish.

Booking a guided fishing trip with Havasu Net Em allows the beginning angler a shortcut to success. Havasu Net Em is the perfect platform for gaining experience. These trips allow beginning anglers the opportunity to see why boat, rods and lures are a system that is balanced toward success. I take the time on each booked trip to explore how that trip can benefit each angler’s skill level. I do that by talking to them at their level and demonstrate how balanced systems will improve their fishing strategies for the rest of their lives.

3-Adventure Seekers

Not everyone wishes to become a more knowledgeable fisherman. They might be seeking adventure. They might be seeking memories.

Catching fish with Havasu Net Em is a priority! I use the wisdom gained over years fishing Lake Havasu to ensure every person has an adventure. Let’s face it, catching fish is Fun!

Havasu Net Em is focused towards catching fish and does it with small groups of four or less. This allows individual attention that lends itself to creating fond memories and adventure. All fish kept are cleaned, filleted and bagged for your table. Every individual goes from here with a photo record of their success!

Grandpa-Grandson's successful fishing day
Grandfather-Grandson from France couldn’t speak much English but their success just proves that fishing is a Universal language!

Whatever your reason for booking, Havasu Net Em is ready to supply knowledge, techniques and fun!

Here is what I offer:

Striper Guided Fishing – October through April

Redear Guided Fishing – October & November, April

Large and Smallmouth Bass Guided Fishing – October & November, March & April

2020/21 Rates:

Half Day: $240 for 1 or 2 persons, $90 for each additional person (plus gratuity)

Full Day: $350 for 1 or 2 persons, $175 for each additional person (plus gratuity)

Half day trips are 4-1/2 hours. Full days are 7-1/2 hours. I work for you. In the colder months if I don’t have two trips scheduled in a day, we can start a half day fishing later in the morning to avoid chilly temperatures. When we schedule, we will agree on timing for your trip.

Payment Options: Bring cash or pay in advance using the link below. Your Wi-Fi is unlikely to work at Havasu Springs.

I provide rods, tackle, water, soda, light snacks. Bring anything else you would like, plus layers of clothing, and a fishing license. You can use either a California or Arizona license. In Lake Havasu City, you can buy a license at Walmart or Bass Tackle Master. In Parker, you can buy a license at Walmart.

In Arizona, you can buy a short-term license for $15 per day for residents and $20 per day for nonresidents. You can buy on-line at https://www.azgfd.com/License/.

Evening fishing possible. Ask me about it!

You can call or text me anytime, Don (D.A.) Allen, 520-400-3216, or send me your trip information and questions using the form below. Your fishing trip is very important to me and I’ll get back to you promptly.

    What Clients Are Saying:

    We are on Facebook and Yelp and your honest opinions and recommendations are welcomed!

    “I’d like to tell you about my friend, Don (D.A.) Allen. I’ve known D.A. the last 25 years, and he and I have done a ton of fishing and hunting together. In the late 90’s, I was looking to advance my knowledge of catching bass. He assured me that wouldn’t be a problem. I joined the federation, and the next thing I knew D.A. was personally teaching me how to catch bass. The knowledge this man has about catching fish doesn’t stop with bass; he’s probably forgotten more about fishing than most people ever know in a lifetime. He is constantly pushing himself to become a better fisherman with all the new baits and techniques imaginable. I’ve never seen him give up on techniques until he masters every angle possible. He’s also the most genuine person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I’m very proud to call D.A. my friend. I know he will succeed in any venture his heart desires; he’s just that kind of guy.” -Bill, Wyoming

    “A bit of encouragement for women who want to take a guided fishing trip. The day I went out with D.A., we began trolling for stripers and would stop and cast when they began boiling. D.A. is very knowledgeable about boats, the Havasu area, and the fish. He is also a wildlife photographer, so he’s a wonderful source of information about all the wildlife near Lake Havasu and the Bill Williams River delta. We had a GREAT day and caught several stripers. I was comfortable with him and he showed me how to cast more effectively. I learned a lot that day and wouldn’t hesitate to book him again. I highly recommend him. I not only hired a fishing guide, but made a friend.Thanks for the great fishing D.A.” -Gail, California

    “I have fished with D.A. several times. He is very knowledgeable about Lake Havasu. He always puts me on fish and we’ve had great, fun days. He brings a lot of knowledge to the table and has taught me a great deal. When you go out with D.A., you always catch fish and have fun. I can’t wait to fish with him again!” -Don, California

    Fish Filleting Demo at Hunt & Fish Day Havasu NWR
    Falcon and catch
    Falcon with Smallie and Red Ear
    Don’s Smallie
    Chuck’s Stripers
    Gail & Don’s Striper Beauty
    D.A. with largest Striper of 2019/20 Season
    “Boils” occur Nov-Dec. Book for your chance to hook Monster Stripers!
    Vietnam Vet and his Stripers
    Happy Vietnam War Vet with his pair of 5-lb Stripers
    Andy and his largemouth
    Lake Havasu is known for its giant Largemouth. This one is 8-lbs.
    Havasu’s giant Smallmouth Bass

    Many more photos on Facebook!